Castle Rhenania

The Rhenanenhaus

Our residence is located in the greens on one of many hills overlooking Tübingen, called Österberg (-berg meaning hill or mountain). It is the most exposed place in the city and boasts a great view at all of its parts.

The first section of the mansion was built in 1882 and therefore was the first to be built for the sole purpose of hosting a fraternity in Germany. Yet, after some other two extensions, the present shape was finalized in 1912. Since then, constant modifications took place so that today we dispose of up-to-date equipment including hotspots, a color laser printer, a beamer and much more to ease student life.

Not only does the house provide accommodation to the ‘Actives’ (as we call the students in charge), but also excellent location for parties, balls and recreational activities. Although most Corpsbrothers live far away, on coming back, everybody instantly starts feeling at home.

The university by the way is just a stone’s throw away and can easily be reached on foot. For all those pursuing science degrees (the institutes of which are located on another “-berg”, the Schnarrenberg), the stop for virtually any bus in the area is even closer.