Corps Rhenania Tübingen has been founded 180 years ago, when six students chose to create an association for life – Rhenania. They founded our Corps and devised a constitution that lay the basic rules applicable even to the present date.

Members of the Corps, as an expression of intimacy called ‘Corpsbrothers’, did their very best to withstand all difficulties throughout the 19th century and World War I. After the Nazis forbade fraternities as a threat to their power and influence from 1938, it was not until 1949 that the Corps was officially reopened. During her existence, Rhenania has constantly changed her appearance although withstanding contemporary thoughts that would undermine her principles. Those principles, which do even more apply to the present situation than ever, have been preserved throughout history and govern our day-to-day life in the Corps.

Who are we?

Although having had roughly 1500 members throughout its lifetime, our Corps today has about 320 members alive. We do distinguish between ‘Actives’, ‘InActives’ and ‘Alumni’:

The Actives (Students currently in charge of all organizational Corps affairs) are the youngest, yet most influential members of the fraternity. They usually join Rhenania in the beginning of their university career and live in our splendid mansion at the Österberg for 3 semesters – or as long as they wish. Despites being the novices to all Corps affairs, they are in charge of almost all matters and all the other Corpsbrothers are prone to their decisions. Among their responsibilities are: organizing parties, balls and presentations; maintain contact with affiliated fraternities in other cities and Corpsbrothers living outside of Tübingen; recruiting and selecting new members. Those vital tasks are to be fulfilled in addition to their coursework for their degree, because we lay great stress on the timely graduation. Getting used to work in a multi-tasking environment, most Corpsbrothers finally graduate faster and better than the rest of their year group.

After 3 intensive Semesters, members enter the state of InActives and are alleviated of all Corps obligations, although supporting the Actives in many occasions. During the course of their degree, many choose to pick up their coursework in different cities within Germany. Even if their new home may be far away, they eagerly return to party and feel the spirit of Tübingen again.

When members start working after graduation, they are called Alumni. Alumni make up the biggest part of our members and can not only found in all parts of Germany, but also worldwide, mostly in leading positions in many different fields. According to our network philosophy, the Alumni substantially support younger Corpsbrothers financially and ideologically or by personal coaching with respect to their career- and personal issues.

What is the Corps all about?

Most of the rules that govern the Corps are lain down in Rhenania’s constitution, among which the most important components are:

– “According to our principles, it is every Corpsbrother’s obligation to aspire to higher goals, in etiquette as well as intellectual matters”
– “irrespective of political tendencies and religious beliefs”

Although that may sound like we are a bunch of nerds, it basically means that we work harder than the average student, thereby being open to people of many different backgrounds.

Moreover, there still is another aspect to it all: academic fencing. It has virtually nothing to do with any other type of fencing you might have heard of and it is something you must have seen to comprehend. Its purpose is to teach discipline and weld people together beyond the friendships you have experienced so far – it certainly does!

Why join us?

As a foreign student, you certainly have much experience in many aspects of life and may be reluctant to subject yourself to new obligations; you do however want to make the best of your stay and experience Germany to the bone. Fraternities in Germany accompany German university history back to their foundation, yet the frats existing today date back to the early 1900’s. Therefore, fraternities are the core of early European history when it comes to lifetime-experience of a year abroad.

It is a commonplace that foreigners tend to rot together in a foreign country and avoid virtually any contact with ‘the natives’. We offer a very wide spectrum of activities and expeditions, lifelong friendship and a career-relevant network that will exceed a lot of what you might have heard of before – there is nothing like it outside Germany! Moreover, we are a playground for everybody pursuing careers in business and international organizations as our structures very much resemble those of boards and the processes of decision-making in many ways resemble those in companies. The Corps demands and fosters soft skills as well as leadership qualities that equip you for the challenges of tomorrow. We are extremely happy to welcome people with different cultural backgrounds and are keen to provide them with a lifetime experience of German traits and culture. Far more than what those short international student activities and trips can ever provide…

We are looking forward to you!

Looking for accommodation?!

On coming to Tübingen, you may face many difficulties, one of which certainly is housing – that is a well-known problem, even to Germans themselves. If you come here and still did not find accommodation, you can stay with us for a few days to find a place to stay.