University Tuebingen

University Tuebingen

According to the first nationwide contest in quality of life, the renowned weekly news magazine “Focus” awarded Tuebingen the best marks in the country. “No industrial fumes cover the sky and no highway leads through the city. Instead, many unusually young people stroll the historical market place, cycle through the old botanic gardens or visit the recently opened Egon-Schiele-exhibition in the “Kunsthalle”.

The picturesque, almost completely preserved old town with its late Gothic-style church (Stiftskirche) is overlooked by Tuebingen’s palace (Schloss Hohentuebingen). From the yard of the latter, you can easily enjoy the sight on another landmark of Tuebingen: Rhenania-castle.

Tübingen University is among the oldest universities in Germany. The founder Duke Eberhardt Karl in 1477 lay the basis of what today offers many of the best degrees in the country.

That is why the EKU, as it is briefly called, enjoys an excellent reputation among professors and students likewise. And although less well-known than Heidelberg, it can easily put up with both the academic excellence and quality of life there. Tübingen in contrast to many other German cities has not been destroyed at all during WW-II and therefore could maintain its appearance of many centuries gone by.

Since June 2012 Tübingen University is part of the “German Universities Excellence Initiative”.

We Rhenanians have accompanied EKU history from an early age and today try to maintain this association. We hosted many university-related events and provided prominent Alumni as speakers in return.